In this fast-paced world, everyone is burning the midnight oil and working hard to make their ends meet. This makes their lives stressful and vacation breaks are breaths of fresh air that everyone looks forward to. In vacations, you get to spend quality time with your friends and family, enjoy food and drinks, and rejuvenate from the stressful work life. But some people enjoy vacations a lot more and no vacation is not an option for them. They are constantly making outing plans and long weekends are a boon for them, so as to escape the city life to enjoy their adventures.

If you too can relate to such wanderlust people, have a bucket list to complete and are always excited to explore a new place, then you might be a natural traveler. Let’s see if you are a travel addict or not. And if at all you’re in-sync with the below traits, then the answer is probably already known, isn’t it!

1Big Bucket List

If all travel destinations like hills, cities, beaches, towns etc. cause an adrenalin rush in you, you don’t have any specific travel preferences, you are always ready to grab the very next travel opportunity, and you keep on adding new destinations to your list, then you are a real travel junkie. Moreover, if you eagerly wait for your friends to return from their vacations and have endless discussions of their voyage, you definitely are a travel lover.

2Love of off-beat destinations
People generally travel to many common and well-known destinations and often only visit the most famous tourist spots, to tick off their travel list. Travel junkies, however, love visiting off-beat locations and plan well in advance to include these not-so-clichéd places on their bucket list. So, if you are an extrovert, aren’t hesitant to travel to less explored destinations and your fridge is full of travel magnets that you have collected as souvenirs, then you can proudly say that you live to travel.

3Enthusiastic about travel

Travel lovers get excited on travel discussions and are the first ones to bump with related questions. If someone they know has come back from vacation recently, they bombard them with different questions related to staying, eateries, tourist spots, travel routes etc. They are always on the look-out for good travel deals either it is for hotel stays or flights. So, if you’re consistently geared up to travel and always get excited to make new travel stories and memories, you are the ultimate traveler.

4Extended vacation plans

For travel enthusiasts, touch and go option is the last resort they take while traveling to a vacation destination. They tend to plan their entire vacation schedule and mostly spend few extra days at a destination than other travelers. They have multiple travel-related apps that help them to plan an amazing trip and get the best travel experience.

If you can relate to any of the above traits, then it is most likely that you are a natural-born traveler. Hope the magnet collection on your fridge continues to increase, as you keep ticking off destinations from your bucket list.

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