Hello there! Welcome to PebbleStory’s “Submit Your Story” section. We’re thrilled to have you and intend to fulfil your very reason of being here. At PebbleStory, we want our readers to connect with the experiences we share on our platform and feel the emotional connect, the words carry. But that’s only one part of the story. What we also want, is people from every nook and corner of the world, to share their own stories with us. Our expertise and creativity, could help you in putting your experiences and memories in front of the world for everyone to Read, Share and Appreciate.

We aspire to build a platform where people, with their own unique voices, can talk to the world. Everyone should have the power to share their thoughts, and PebbleStory will help you in facilitating that.

Now, before stepping into the guidelines, the very first thing that we’d like you to know, is the type of stories that appear on PebbleStory. We’re looking for pieces that can,

  • ENCOURAGE people
  • Have the power to MOTIVATE
  • Reflect the element of ENTERTAINMENT

  • It’s not an absolute mandate to bring your story to fall in one of the aforementioned categories. We also like stories which are appealing in their own unique way. So, if you can do that with your pieces, we’ll make sure that they’re read by everyone.

    But, since we’d largely be looking for pieces that can complement one of discussed four, we’d certainly appreciate, if you can pen them in one of the said ways. Additionally, we’d request you to please go through some of the stories that are already there on the website. This will give you a hold of what type of pieces do we post and the tone they carry.

    What we’re looking for:

  • The write-ups should be in the range of 500 – 600 words.
  • Any information/facts outlined in the pieces, should be correct and reliable.
  • Since we’re serving a global audience, international experiences and travel tips also qualify.
  • If you find that your topic is already covered, we’d still like you to submit it, provided it can offer something new and different to the readers.
  • The post should carry real and relevant images (at least 2-3). In case, the images are not yours, kindly attribute them with their URL/person of origin.
  • What we’re not looking for:

  • Non-plagiarised pieces and/or content that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Any stories not comprehending to one of the four Pebbles – Wedding Tales, Travel Diaries, Tasting Tables and Theatre & Events.
  • Stories having any sort of inflammatory content and/or promoting social, cultural and regional biases
  • What will be there in store for you:

  • A link to your personal blog (if any)
  • Credit at the author section
  • Recognition from millions of readers
  • Social Media sharing on PebbleStory’s social handles
  • And to be a part of our mission to change the way, stories are presented.
  • Please not that:

  • We hold the right to edit/proofread your post for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, tone, etc. In case the edits are substantial, we shall email you the revised post for your approval.

    We may add hyperlinks to other related blogs. Also, we may change the images if we find them inappropriate. However, all these will be only done to enhance the quality of your write up.

    Every submission should accompany a short bio of yours, 1-2 links to your social media profiles and your photo.

  • Where to submit:

  • You can email your completed articles to info@pebblestory.com for consideration.
    Due to the growing number of submissions, please allow us upto 7 business days to revert back.
  • We’ve not been too stringent, right!
    If you’ve any questions regarding anything related to submitting your story, shoot us a mail at info@pebblestory.com