India is a land in the Far East where the sun shines brightly almost all year long and is home much cultural diversity. And to say that it is rich with natural beauty is surely an understatement- from hidden pristine beaches to hectors of wheat fields, from lush jungles to the beauty of massive lakes, from various sea creatures to the top of the mountains higher than the clouds.

Not to mention the history that goes all the way back to the glorious kingdoms of hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. There are a lot of reasons for tourists and travelers to fall in love with India – one of them being the friendly local people from different states with their great sense of art, which you can see in their traditional art.

On this page, I’ll take you to the different places in India which makes me feel that you’re with me on the beautiful journey of exploring hidden gems.

So, I wish you happy times while discovering all that is unique in my website PebbleStory, and of course, welcome to India!