Taking a solo trip was one of my long-held aspirations and because of the proximity and the climate conditions, Kasauli – a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, became the most obvious choice. With its occasional snow falls and pleasant summer rays, the place offers breath-taking beauty, and climate-wise, remains the same throughout the year. Being my very first backpacking trip, the signs of unpreparedness were painfully evident for anyone to make out, which I hated all along the journey.

Sunrise view from Kasauli Valley

After a gruelling 6 hours on the road, the pre-booked rooms of “Nature Stay Resort” seemed nothing less than heaven. The ambience inside the room was a real delight and it compelled me to put my wanderlust persona to bed for some time. What followed was a good 7 hours of nap (not a sleep)!

A heaven for the trekkers out there.

Kasauli is practically a walker’s paradise. With wild mountain slopes and hilly tracks, the place comes off as nothing less than a heaven for trekkers.
Some of the major attractions of Kasauli comprise the hill-top points – the Gilbert trail, the famous Sunset point, the Sunrise point (Hawa Ghar) and the miraculous Manki (monkey, as some like to say) point.

The Manki is the highest point in Kasauli and acts as the major tourist attraction. The snow-capped Himalayas and the Sutlej river are easily viewable from this range. It might be surprising for you to know that the upkeep of the place is in the hands of the Indian Air Force – the reason for it being so well-maintained.

The sunset and the sunrise points offer a panoramic view of the valleys. Located at the end of the upper mall road, the places can give you a lot of beautiful pictures to savour the scenic beauty of the rising/setting sun.
Laced with beautiful trees on either side of the lane, the Gilbert Trail is one for the nature enthusiasts.

Early morning tea in the lap to nature.

The diverse sightseeing.

After the bewitching tour of the trails and mountain treks, the city will await you for another set of enthralling experiences. Among the places to visit inside the city, Mall road – for the shopaholics, Christ Church, Baptist Church and Krishna Bhavan Temple – for the devotees & the Kasauli Brewery – well, for everyone, are the prominent ones.

Mall road is the main shopping area of the town. For the ladies, although it might not be equivalent to your regular high-end malls, it can still enable you to establish a connect with the local culture. Some of the very diverse restaurants, the regular shops and the famous Kasauli club, are a part of this Mall road.

The 1853 Christ Church, the 1923 Baptist Church and the 1926 Krishna Temple, have the power to turn any atheist into a full-blown theist. Just kidding!! All these places of ethnic beauty can only make you go awed. An exemplary image of architecture, these godly places will give you that soothing feeling. I can bet you hundreds of crores of rupees that you just won’t be able to come back, without pulling in strings of appreciative words for the impeccable structures.
And there’s this so-called 1820 famous brewery too!

To sum up, your every trip to this beautiful hill station will always leave you wanting more. The nature and the greenery of this small town speak for themselves and present to you a picture, hard to erase.

Kasauli – A town of rejuvenation & a secret getaway from the humdrum of the city life. A melange of beautiful souls, breathtaking visuals & 3 Days – 2 Souls ( countless memories we captured)

Here is a glimpse of our experience from a rendezvous with paradise, as humbling & enlightening as it could be:


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