1: Persistent low energy and chronic fatigue :
It is because mental fatigue stems from stress. Sometimes fatigue can also be a result of illness or virus. But when fatigue is clubbed it sadness, feelings of hopelessness, and lack of pleasure in daily life that’s clear cut signs of depression Dr. Maurizio FavaTrusted Source, Director of the Clinical Research Program at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, points out that depressed individuals often experience non restorative sleep, meaning that they feel sluggish even after getting a full night of rest.

2: Reduced pin tolerance:
One study suggests that people who are depressed also have low levels of tolerance for any kind of pain. Aka everything hurts a lot.

3: Back or all-over muscle pain:
Not talking about the muscular pain caused due to some strenuous activity or injury. But it’s due to emotional issues that settle down in your physical body in the forms of unexplained aches and pains.

4: Frequent headaches:
we all know this, done we when we’ve had a tough day at work or school, we get headaches due to mental stress.

5: Eye problems or decreasing vision:
Depression can make your world looks grey and bleak. One German study suggests, that depression can affect one’s eyesight. If your lack of vision is due to too much screening, eye injury, or any damage, depression isn’t related.

6: Stomach ailments or digestive issues:
The sinking feeling in the stomach is a clear-cut sign of emotional turmoil. According to Harvard research depression can cause an inflamed digestive system. Or irritable bowel syndrome.

The way to deal with this is by seeking professional help!

  • Having a system in your life
  • Create tiny goals for the day.
    If you don’t have a routine or a system how do you expect yourself to win in life?

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