Your Adventure Starts Now.

Hi, I’m Neha, and welcome to the PebbleStory – Travel Tales is one of my dream projects which I really wanted to start from the beginning when I started coming into the digital era. Very early in my life, I realized that travel was not just about the destination but a wholesome experience for me.

I propose that a nomadic lifestyle is a productive way to build a real company. I’m working hard on bootstrapping an ambitious startup, mood. I’m traveling because it’s cheaper, more productive, and more inspiring than sitting in one place. Traveling is the most responsible choice for the sake of my company, my finances, and my personal growth.

I loved the newness of everything around it. Whether you’re working a full-time desk job with minimal vacation time, in a location-dependent relationship, paying off student loans, or just fearing the unknown, I’ll show you how to explore the globe and enrich your life with unique local encounters.