PebbleStory is an online travel magazine which enfolds the travel experiences & different culture by an Indian traveler who is a digital creative artist by profession and love to explore the world.

Hi, I’m Neha and welcome to the PebbleStory – Travel Tales is one of my dream projects which I really wanted to start from the beginning when I started coming into the digital era. Born and brought up in Delhi, As a kid, I used to love my travel holidays trips with my family. However, the travel bug hit me hard in my teens and since then it has always been wanderlust for me. Very early in my life, I realized that travel was not just about the destination but a wholesome experience for me. I loved the newness of everything around it.

What Kind of Traveller am I?

I’m the explorer who loves to see something new always and helps me to discover the unexplored places in the world. Travel, in my opinion, enables me to discover the world, giving me an opportunity to broaden my mind and imbibe new cultures. For me, traveling is all about exploring, learning and expanding my horizons – be it new values, languages, cuisines, and experiences. Traveling is an eye-opener! It expands the worldview, pushes towards new experiences and gives a perspective of the map that can never have before.

I’m a travel buff who manages to travel at least twice a year along with my full-time job. Through this online platform, I share my travel stories and an eye-opener stories on my blog

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