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Lessons of life that I learned during my travels to the mountains

My voyages to the mountains have always been enchanting. What attracted me most, the scenic view of the tall, rough cliffs, and those Buddhist prayers flags that I always want to see and believe the most. We all want to have mountains(Problems or confusions) to conquer in real life and in the process of climbing them, we discover that we are conquering ourselves. By stepping beyond our comfort zone to discover what we are made up of we always learned some valuable lessons of habits, discipline, mindfulness, challenges, comfort, and mental strength.

Whenever I come close to the mountains they always teach more than I could have ever imagined, and here I quest to teach you a bit.

Let’s take a short walk with me as I climb mountains by mountains and experiences the lessons and takeaways from every destination I go to.


It is the best grace a human can afford for themselves. Also, the mountains give a perfect environment for one to savour isolation. The overwhelming mountains can consider your deeds and convert you into an artist or an author.


Mountains always teach us that you all are unique and magnificent in all ways. They are like those mighty warriors who fight with all their courage and strength, win every battle, and always stand tall and proud. 


The best inclination on the planetoid is to become mixed up perfectly. It’s the most ideal approach to rejoin with your spirit. Himalayan scenes are simply the ideal environments to lose to the enchanting nature. 

Learn to appreciate the little things, that make our life wonderful. Like the souls we see each day crossing roads, the tiny flower that blooms while struggling the cold, and valuing people with different personalities. This is what I have learned from the hill folk.


Anyone who knows me is aware that one of my preferred things in the world is roaming in the hills. The minute I start walking, I get this great feeling of satisfaction and I can go for hours. However, when in this state of pure bliss, I have to remind myself to “Give Attention To the Surroundings”.

Sometimes in life no matter how fast you are going, you need to slow down and give attention to your surroundings. This will help you to avoid life’s sudden obstacles and navigate victoriously through hurdles.


Whenever you see prayers flag tagged through the cliffs and monks who spent many hours to chant in the lap of the mountains, believe me, it gives you immense pleasure and positivity. During my last trip to Mcleodganj, I saw a monk looking at the flags and smiling. I paused and asked him.

Me: Why are you smiling? 

Monk: I’m smiling because all my prayers have been answered. The fading colors of prayer flags are actually reflected positive signs from heaven. 

Me: What does it mean? You mean to say even my prayer has also answered. 

Monk: My dear friend, do you know why these flags always tag in the cliffs cuz they are carried by the breeze, making fading is a good sign. He kept his hand on my head and said “God Blessed”.

After having the conversation with the monk and I came close to the cliff and felt the fresh breeze coming over from the prayers flags, some of the flags are faded and it gave me the immense joy of believing that prayers of someone’s, somewhere have been answered.

Similarly, in every aspect of life, we always do not keep those things that are fad away. we always look for fresh, newer, and brighter things, but sometimes fading is good.

As we all grow aged when our skins begin to fade and wrinkles begin to raise we must understand that we are fortunate to have been blessed. our fading skin is in the answer that all our prayers have been answered, and this we must embrace.

Let these spirits be high in love! Namaste 🙂 

Travel Diaries


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