5 reasons to know why courtship is the jackpot period of your life


Why courtship is the jackpot period of your life?

Girls have always looked forward to their wedding. They anticipate this day as they get to dress up and look like queens. They get to choose grand lehengas, gorgeous shoes, the jewelry and what not. After all, they are the ones, most pampered during their wedding. When a bride is out shopping, she cares less about the details and tends to pick up just about anything, she finds beautiful. But this shopping spree can turn into a nightmare if proper checks are not made before picking the dress.

5 reasons to which will help you from falling prey to the cunning sellers who trick wedding shoppers.

1Research the dress

Most of the branded wedding dresses and lehengas that you wish to buy, are available online as well. Hence, it is always good to read about these lehengas, their pricing and reviews that others have put up, to understand the quality. This will also help you to get the best deal for your dress. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the shop that you plan to buy your dress from, is an authorized retailer for that brand.

2Check the quality of the dress

Since you will be buying an expensive bridal dress or lehenga, do study about the fabrics and the material used, to make embroideries on these stunning gowns. Generally, silk, brocade, georgette etc., are few of the fabrics, used to make these wedding dresses. Once you are in the shop, your knowledge about these materials will save you from getting fooled by the shopkeeper.

3Pick a heavy non-bridal lehenga

It is the general tendency of shopkeepers, to shoot up the prices of the bridal dresses, when selling to wedding shoppers. Since you would be buying different lehengas for multiple ceremonies of the wedding, buying all branded only, doesn’t make sense and could be an acute waste of money. Hence, you can pick similar yet cheap lehengas for ceremonies like sangeet and the other not so substantial ceremonies. These will give you the same stunning look as the bridal collection dresses would.

4Pick the optimal design dress

The shopkeepers generally show flamboyant lehengas to the brides that are very expensive, with heavy embroidery. If you feel that the embroidery work is overpowering and is actually not contributing to the beauty of the lehenga, go for a lighter version of the same design. This will not only reduce the cost of the lehenga significantly, but also bring out the elegance in the design.

5Cost negotiation

If you are buying lehengas from a local store then there is a lot of opportunities to bargain on the price (the ships have huge margins on these dresses). And if you are knowledgeable about the approximate pricing of the material and the extra work done on the lehenga then, you won’t get tricked into paying higher money.

Hope these points will help you in picking the best dress in your budget to flaunt at your wedding. Happy Wedding Shopping!
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